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Hey, peep! Are you short of jazz balance and want to ask your friend to share a balance with you from his mobile jazz number, but you don’t know the jazz balance share code how to share the jazz balance

Pick up your mobile and dial*100*(your target jazz no)*amount#. You can share an entire balance range between Rs 15-500 maximum balance per day is Rs 500. I want to send 200 rupees to my friend Jazz’s number. I will dial *100*03000000000*200#, and the amount will be shared instantly.

How to share the balance on Jazz using a share code?

If you are a jazz user and you are in searching for a jazz balance share code so, dialing *100*(your target jazz no)*amount# amount will b sent to your targeted number. 

The amount you can share with other numbers is RS.15-500 per day for example I want to send Rs 50 to my friend Jazz number I will dial  *100*03030000000353404*130#.

Why do we need to use the Jazz balance share code?

Humans are social animals and live dependently on each other. Sometimes we take the help of other humans, and sometimes, we help others. In the modern world of smartphones, sometimes we urgently need balance, or our friends are in dire need of balance, so Jazz gives the best and quick solution to this in the form of jazz balance share code *100* jazz mobile no* amount# very soon your friend, family and loved one will receive the balance.


The company will not be responsible for misuse of this code and will not inquire about any such complaint received from them 

jazz company reserved all right to change code and increase or decrease share charges 

The sender and receiver should be the Jazz prepaid customers 

Jazz balance share codes are the same for all customers irrespective of location and smartphone 


Are you looking to share jazz balance with your loved one?

dial *100*(Jazz number of loved one)*amount#. they will receive the balance within the next second 

Any maximum share limit in the jazz balance share code?

You can share a balance of up to 500 

Maximum limit of jazz balance share per day?

Per day you can share 500 rupees only, 

How much per share charge?

Per share charge Rs 7.50 (incl. tax)

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