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JAZZ INTERNET PACKAGES, Daily, weekly, 15 days, and monthly

Jazz brings the latest calls, and sms packages daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages. The jazz internet package is very affordable. If you are looking for jazz internet packages, read the detailed article about packages and offers. Choose according to your needs that fulfill your requirements and enjoy jazz internet services.

Stay connected every day with Jazz’s affordable daily Internet Packages

This package is a very good offer for all those who need internet data for some time only in a day and are not daily internet users. These packages save your balance from unwanted usage. If you want to browse something, immediately subscribe to this package and browse and use it accordingly. This package also contains free minutes and sms. This package is valid for 1 day.

Prominent Features of the Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Daily Super Package200 MB140050RS.30*212#1 Day
Daily Super Plus500 MB5005RS.28*558#
1 Day
Jazz Daily Bundle300 MB300*340#1 Day
Jazz free WhatsAPP offerJazz free WhatsApp offerRS1:5*225#1 DAY
Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz is always super excited about giving customers relief and good packages under the minimum price. Jazz daily internet packages are listed above; select according to your use and choice. Activate to Jazz daily super package now and enjoy sms, free minute, and internet data. Dial *212# and enjoy your day with jazz.

Jazz weekly Efficient internet packages

Jazz’s weekly internet package is the most wonderful offer by the Jazz company to its customers. This contains enough amount of internet data which fulfil your weekly requirement. Other than data also have free on-net and off-net minutes and sms. This package is useful for students and people using internet data randomly, not continuously. This package is valid for 7 days.

Prominent Features of the Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz new sim offer
1000 MB1000
Rs.0*476#7 DAYS
Jazz 4G sim offer25 MB1500RS.3*101*1*07#
Jazz Super Woman Bundle12000 MBunlimited RS.135*117*14#7 days
Jazz Weekly Social Plus8000MB 50025500Rs.215*668#7 DAYS
Jazz Weekly Premium 3G, 4G Package50005000 MB50Rs.217*506#7 DAYS
Jazz Weekly YouTube & Social5000 MBRs.217*660#7 DAYS
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer10000 MB5000100100Rs.330*506#7 DAYS
Jazz weekly internet packages

Jazz weekly packages are always superior to other mobile sim network companies. Jazz introduces multiple varieties of weekly jazz internet package from which you can choose easily according to your requirements. Jazz introduce a very affordable and budget-friendly weekly offer, the jazz weekly super plus offer, which contains multiple incentives like a free minute, free sms, and free internet data. Could you activate it now and enjoy your day? Dial *505# and activate the package. Jazz weekly super duper is another outclass offer from jazz to its customers
on a very affordable budget. Dial *506# and activate to jazz weekly super duper offer and enjoy jazz.

Jazz Monthly Internet Package

Jazz provides a very affordable and budget-friendly jazz monthly package internet to customers. This offer contains the latest packages, which contain other incentives besides internet data. Other incentives include on-net, off-net minutes, and sms. Once you activate to Jazz monthly package internet, there is no worry about data. It contains unlimited data to browse. This package is valid for 30 days. 

Prominent Features of the Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz Monthly Social10 GB300501000RS.215*661#30 DAYS
Jazz monthly browser package6 GBRS.433 *117*77#30 DAYS
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer15 GBRS.650*117*30#30 DAYS
Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer50 GBRs.1200*6363*8#30 DAYS
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package – Device Only30 GBRS.1500 *117*71#30 DAYS
Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook Offer5 GB RS.69*532#30 DAYS
Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer10 GbRS.260*117*34#30 DAYS
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle 10 Gb30050100000RS.215*661#30 DAYS
Jazz monthly internet packages

Jazz monthly internet packages are best if you need a nonstop package for 30 days. A detailed list of all monthly packages available above; choose according to your requirement. Jazz internet monthly extreme 

Offer is a very good offer for jazz users. Dial *117*34# and enjoy your day with jazz. This offer contains 10GB of internet data and free minutes and sms. Another good monthly internet package Jazz offers is the Jazz 4G super monthly back offer, which contains 50GB of data. Dial *117*71# now, activate this package, and enjoy your day with jazz.

Jazz Internet packages code

Jazz provides various jazz internet package codes, and different packages contain different incentives. Jazz provides freedom to its customers to activate according to their requirements.

Terms and condition

All right, reserve with Jazz 

Jazz can change the packages activation code at any time 

All standard charges and taxes apply on activation of these codes

All Jazz internet packages expired at 12 am at night 

All packages code and activation charges are the same for all customers, irrespective of; location and smartphone. 

All these Jazz internet packages are valid for prepaid customers 

You can use multiple packages simultaneously. If you already subscribe to the weekly Jazz internet package and now want to subscribe to the daily package, you can still be eligible to activate it. All the incentives will be added up accordingly.

You can use all these codes on Jazz active sim

An inactive sim user cannot use these codes 

The monthly Jazz internet package is valid for 30 days 

Weekly Jazz internet packages are valid for 1 weekly 

The daily internet package is valid for 1 day 

All packages contain services besides internet data, including sms, 0n-net, and off-net minutes.

There are different packages. Some contain social app data, while others contain data that can be used generally, so choose wisely.


In this article, we explain the complete detail of daily, weekly, and monthly Jazz internet packages and explain one by one every package in detail. We also discuss all the option available and which one suit you as well discuss briefly. We also explain queries regarding internet packages. 

Hope so this article helps you to choose accordingly 

If you find any deficiency, kindly let us know through comments 


Thanks, I wish you all the best.

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