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Jazz Package Check: The Key to Stress-Free Travel

Jazz makes it very easy for their customers to check jazz packages via message or call. Don’t panic; read the instructions and quickly check your activated jazz package. 

Pick up your smartphone and send an empty message from your jazz no to 3838; within a moment, you will receive the information about the jazz package you are currently using OR call 111 and ask about your package from a call center representative or follow the instruction of activate package procedure on call, you can also visit jazz app to check remaining MBs and date of expiry or bubble check by dialing *117*4*2#

How to check jazz package status?

You can check your current activated jazz package by sending an empty message to 3838, and soon you will receive a message from jazz that will provide you with all information about your current jazz package.

How to check jazz package through call/helpline?

Dial 111 from your jazz mobile no and press 0, and ask the representative call center about your packages or listen to the packages menu instruction carefully and follow them accordingly.

What is Jazz Mb Check Code?/jazz package check

Are you looking for a Jazz package check? A very easy and simple method is by dialing *117*4*2#, and you will receive a message detailing your current activated package. 

How to check the jazz package through the jazz app? 

Go into your mobile Play store, download the Jazz app, and check the activated package on your sim. 

Term and condition

  • Company reserve all right to change the code at any time
  • All standard charges, along with taxes applied 
  • Code and charge are the same for everyone, regardless of location and smartphone.


How to check the jazz package status?

Simple send a message an empty message to 3838 or call 111

Are jazz package checks free?

No, all standard charges and taxes apply.

Can we switch to another package? 

Yeah, you can switch to any other better package anytime. 

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