TELENOR Call Packages

Telenor call packages 2024; Daily, Weekly, and Monthly offer

Telenor is the most popular telecommunication service, with millions of users in Pakistan. One of the reasons Telenor is growing very fastly in Pakistan is its attractive package and customer-centered approach. Understanding the market competency, Telenor introduces monthly, weekly, and daily Telenor call packages. Most customers think that Telenor is the best among all telecommunication companies in Pakistan because of its low-budget packages, which are affordable for every class.

Telenor call packages

Are you suffering from a shortage of balance at the end of the day because of too many calls to friend, family, and client, and you are worried about how to cope with this issue telenor understand this grievance of its customers and introduce packages in very low price which is accessible and affordable for a majority of customers. Once you activate these Telenor call packages, you will no longer worry about a balance shortage, and you can make unlimited calls with these Telenor call packages all day and night.

Telenor daily call Packages.

Most people talk and gossip too much with their loved ones on weekends. Telenor brings daily Telenor call packages to fulfill the customer’s requirement. 

This package is a very wonderful for students who are busy all week with classes and assignments, and on the weekend, they got the free time to talk with their families, so this package is very suitable for students. Activate this package now and enjoy your day with Telenor.


Prominent Features of the Telenor Daily Call Packages

Telenor Good Time OfferUnlimited250MBsRS.6*345*20#1 DAY
Telenor Full-Day PackageTelenor Full-Day PackageRS.13*5*250#1 DAY


Telenor’s full-day package offer is a very good offer to its customers, just 13 rupees. Dial 5250#, activate the Telenor full-day package, and enjoy unlimited minutes for 24 hours.
Telenor good time is another super exciting offer by Telenor, which contain unlimited minute and 250MB of internet data. Dial *34520#, activate this offer, and enjoy your day with Telenor.

Telenor weekly days call Packages.

Telenor is very famous for its customer’s need understanding of needs and for introducing new packages oriented to their needs. The incentive included in this package is enough for customers. Activate weekly Telenor call packages now and enjoy your week with Telenor. 

Prominent Features of the Telenor Weekly Call Packages

Telenor Free First Call Offer

RS.5*888#7 DAYS
Telenor Weekly Voice Lite140 dailyRS.25*345*54# 7 DAYS
Telenor Haftawaar Offpeak OfferUnlimitedRS.55*978#7DAYS
Telenor Sahulat Mini Offer20020200 100 MBRS.75*170#7DAYS
Telenor Haftawar Chappar Phaar Offer
70MB RS.100*5*700#7DAYS
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package100070700100MBRS.120*5*7#7DAYS
Telenor Weekly Internet All In One1000501.5GBRS.130*345*75#7DAYS
Telenor Weekly Easy Card 1601000501.5GBRS.135*963#7DAYS
Telenor Weekly Easy Card 18015008015003GBRS.157*175#7DAYS
Telenor Djuice Weekly Internet All In One Plus Offer1503.5GBRS.190*345*88#7DAYS
Telenor Weekly Easy Card Mega200085200012GBTelenor Djuice Weekly Internet All-In-One Plus Offer*001#7DAYS
TELENOR Weekly calls packages

TELENOR Weekly calls packages

Telenor weekly call packages as among the best Telenor packages. It provides free minutes for 7 days to enjoy talking with friends and family. The Telenor weekly easy card is a very good bundle by Telenor for its customers. Dial *001# and activate the offer and enjoy 2000 Telenor minutes for 7 days; Telenor offers another wonderful weekly call offer containing free minutes and internet data for just 190 rupees. Dial *345*88#, activate this offer and enjoy your day with Telenor.

Telenor monthly call Packages.

People connect with their loved ones daily for better communication. Connection is the key to loveliness and affection. Monthly Telenor call packages offer you an opportunity to fulfill your requirement and enable you to make unlimited calls to friends and family. 

Prominent Features of the Telenor Monthly Call Packages

Telenor Sim Lagao Offer300010GBRS.0222230DAYS
Telenor Monthly First Free Call OfferUnlimited RS.10*326#.30DAYS
Telenor Djuice Monthly Messaging Bundle10000300MBRS.47.80*2*2*3#30DAYS
Telenor Mahana Budget Package300103GBRS.80*514#30DAYS
Telenor Social All-in-One Package25025100GBRS.130*572#30DAYS
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package30003000300MB RS.418*345*30#30DAYS
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 550750705003 GBRS.478*350#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 700300025030008 GBRS 565 *530# 30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 8505000400500012 GBRS.720*80#30 DAYS
Telenor Easy Card 100070006001000018 GBRS.900 *248# 30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Extreme Offer750060030 GBRS 950*708#30 DAYS
TELENOR monthly call packages

TELENOR monthly call packages

Telenor monthly call packages are a good offer by Telenor to their customers. The above list contains several monthly call package offer you can choose from according to your requirement. Telenor monthly extreme offer is a very good offer that contains a bundle of free minutes, sms, and internet data. Dial *708#, activate this offer, and enjoy your day with Telenor. Another very good offer by Telenor is the Telenor Easy car 1000, which also contains many free minutes and internet data. Dial *248#, activate this offer, and enjoy your days with Telenor.

Telenor Call package code

Are you looking to save your balance? Telenor brings an excellent opportunity to save balance with a surprising Telenor call packages code. These packages are included call, sms, and internet incentive.

Terms and condition

All right reserved with Telenor’s official network 

All these codes can be changed at any time 

Telenor has the right to change the Telenor call packages code anytime 

All standard charges are applied on activation of this monthly, weekly, and daily internet package 

All these activation codes only work for prepaid customers 

postpaid customers are ineligible to use these codes 

Depending upon the package you have activated, some have social data some have included free calls and sms. 

You can activate any of these packages multiple times and can use different packages at the same time 

All packages included both on-net and off-net packages which can be used anytime to call other cellular networks in Pakistan 

Your sim should be active to activate monthly, weekly, and hourly Telenor call packages. It doesn’t work on the inactive sim 

To learn more about Telenor internet packages, you can call to Telenor customer helpline number 345 

This code is valid for all Pakistani customers despite of location and smartphone 

The weekly Telenor call packages are valid for 7 days

The monthly telenor call packages are valid for 30 days 

The daily telenor call packages are valid for 1 day


What is Telenor call package 3 days?

Telenor offers various packages, including a call package for 3 days. Activate this package and enjoy a call for 3 days with Telenor. 

What is a Telenor call package for 30 rupees?

Telenor offers packages at the possible lowest price; check the above daily Telenor package list about the package, which is active at 30 rupees. 

What is Telenor call package other networks?

You can activate any package of Telenor, and both no-net and off-net minutes are available. 

What is a Telenor call package for all networks?

Through the Telenor call package, you can easily call any network anytime. 

What is a Telenor call package for 2 hours?

Telenor also provides a package for an hour check in the list above and activate to Telenor call package for 2 hours. 

Which Telenor package is best for all?

Depending on the budget and needs of Telenor, all daily, weekly, and monthly packages are the best 


In this article, we discuss monthly, weekly, and daily internet packages and all possible packages option available and their complete detail’ and explain all related queries. 

Hope so you find this article helpful. In case of any deficiency, kindly lets us know through comments.

Thank you, I wish you all the best.  

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