Telenor internet Package

Telenor Internet Packages daily, weekly, 15 days, and monthly

Telenor has been working in Pakistan for 3 decades and is one of the largest cellular networks operational in Pakistan. Telenor gained its fame and name because of its extended spectrum of services to its customers. Million people use Telenor because of its great Internet, call, and sms package.  

Telenor Internet Packages Code

Telenor company judges the market package and lunches new codes and packages according to its customer’s needs and always believes in a budget-friendly package. Telenor package included calls and sms along with data. Every package has enough data to use day and night without any hurdles. Telenor provides fast internet services to its customers without unnecessary interruption.

Telenor Internet Package Daily

People are often busy with work from Monday to Friday, and they relax at the weekend with friends and family and browse the Internet for news, sports, and other informational activities. This offer is also a good fit for university and college students, which is often free at weekends for gaming and calling other colleagues. Telenor provides a very good internet package to its customers.

Telenor – Facebook Flex1 GBRS. 01 DAY
Telenor Daily Social Pack70 MBRS.3*311#1 DAY
Telenor Daily YouTube Package5 GBRS. 8*60#1 DAY
Telenor 4G Daily Package250 MBRS.15*13#1 DAY
Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer1.5 GBRS.1
Telenor Raat Din Offer1.5 GBRS.18*150#1 DAY
Telenor Daily Internet Package

Telenor daily internet package is very famous among those who use the Internet in a time of need only and don’t need internet data for weeks and months. They often activate 1 days package and complete their tasks. Telenor daily internet packages contain various packages listed above. Choose according to your choice and budget. Pick your mobile, dial code, activate Telenor’s daily internet packages, and enjoy your day with Telenor. Dial *150# and activate to telenor raat din offer and enjoy 1.5GB data. Dial *13# and activate to Telenor 4G daily package.

Telenor Internet Package Weekly

We often need the Internet. Most of our daily tasks have a connection to the Internet, and we need help with most things from the Internet. The Internet helps us research different topics from different sites in-depth and helps us write on them efficiently. Telenor sens all its customers’ needs and introduces the Telenor internet package weekly to fulfil the requirement.

Telenor Weekly Sports Package1.5 GB RS.30 *345*74#7 DAYS
Telenor Weekly Music Package1 GBRS.10*345*13#7 DAYS
Telenor 4G Weekly Internet Max30GBRS 56*19# 
Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 Package4 GBRS.60 *71#7 DAYS
Telenor Weekly Zoom Package3 GBRS.80*345*56#
Telenor Weekly Video Package5 GBRS.86*220#7 DAYS
Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra8 GBRS. 190*336#7 DAYS
Telenor Mega Plus Weekly Easy Card24 GB 5000100
Telenor weekly internet packages

Telenor internet package is a very exciting and a good offer. Telenor mega plus weekly easy card is a super duper offer for Telenor used. Dial *003# and activate this offer and enjoy with Telenor. Dial *336# and activate Telenor 4G weekly ultra for just 190 rupees and enjoy 8GB of data for 1 week. The Telenor weekly video package is one of the best offers among Telenor weekly internet packages. Dial *220# now, activate this offer, and enjoy your day with Telenor. 

Telenor Internet package monthly 50 GB

We often browse things whenever we need them. From school and college assignments to office work, we need internet service 24/7 without interruption. Telenor monthly internet package also has a lot of internet data, including calls and sms. Some people activate Telenor social packages monthly, while others use the Internet for information and social apps. 

Telenor Free Snapchat Package2 GBRS. 0*915#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package2 GBRS.1 *247#30 DAYS
Telenor Djuice Monthly Messaging Bundle3 GBRS.47.80*2*2*3#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly IMO Package1.5 GBRS.50  *466#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Entertainment Offer2 GBRS. 50 *121#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Social Pack
1 GBRS. 52*911#30 DAYS
Telenor PUBGM Monthly Offer1 GBRS.60*345*57#30 DAYS
Telenor Mahana Budget Package3 GB300 10RS.80 *514#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus6 GB10000RS.85*660#30 DAYS
Telenor Social All-in-One Package1 GB25025RS. 130*572#
Telenor Mega Monthly Offer100 GBRS.180*29#30 DAYS
Telenor 4G Monthly Lite Package4 GB
*301#30 DAYS
Telenor Djuice Monthly All-in-One Offer5 GBRS.350*345*246#30 DAYS
Telenor 4G Monthly Super Offer12 GBRS.350 *345*169#30 DAYS
Telenor 4G Monthly Starter Bundle8 GBRS.370 *302#
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 5503 GB75070500RS .47830 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 85012 GB
50005005000RS.720*80#30 DAYS
Telenor 4G Monthly Plus Package10 GBRS.896*345*136#30 DAYS
Telenor monthly internet packages.

These packages are best for those who want to live with a single internet package subscription all month. These packages give you relief from repeated subscriptions. Once you activate this package, you can use it for 1 month without worrying about wastage of balance. Dial *345*136#, activate the Telenor 4G monthly plus package and enjoy the best offer with Telenor. Telenor monthly easy card 850 is another good for Telenor customers. Dial *80# and enjoy 12GB of data for one month with a Telenor network.

Terms and conditions

All rights reserved to Telenor company 

All these codes can be changed at any time by Telenor company 

Prepaid Telenor customers can use monthly, weekly, and daily internet packages codes

All these codes work on active sim only; inactive sim cannot use these codes

All standard charges applied on packages 

You can activate multiple packages at the same time 

The Monthly Telenor internet package is available for 30 days

The Weekly Telenor package is available for 7 days 

Daily internet package is available for 1 day 

There are many other packages you can subscribe to that are valid for a horse and a few days. 

All package codes are the same for everyone, regardless of location and smartphone.


Which Telenor package is best for the Internet?

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In this article, we talk about the complete detail of Telenor internet packages and their activation code and rule and regulation. We also talk about the related query and explain it easily. I hope so you find this article helpful. In case of any deficiency, let us know through comments. 

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