Telenor SMS packages

 Telenor SMS Packages Daily, weekly, 15 days, and monthly

Telenor is one of the largest telecommunication companies operating in Pakistan, with millions of users. It provides services to its customers on a meager budget. Since its inception, Telenor has been customer-friendly with dynamic calls, data, and SMS packages. If you are looking for Telenor SMS packages for daily, weekly, 15-day, and monthly SMS packages, read the article below. 

Telenor SMS Packages

We often need help conveying our information on the call for multiple reasons, and we send this information via sms. Telenor gives the solution to this in the form of Telenor sms packages where you can choose the package our your choice according to your budget and need 

Telenor SMS Packages Daily

If you are sending sms daily and your chosen way of communication is sms, then this offer is a perfect fit for you. Activate this offer and enjoy sending thousand of sms with Telenor. 

This package is valid for 1 day.

Telenor Daily SMS Package240_______Rs. 4.78*345*116#1 Day
Daily Telenor SMS Package

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

 This offer is very good for those people who want sms in hundred for just 4 rupees. Type +345*116# from your Telenor sim, activate this offer, and enjoy 240 SMS for 24 hours. This package will expire at 12 AM.

Telenor SMS Packages Weekly

This is a perfect option for people sending sms often. This package has hundreds and thousands of sms, which you can use anytime. This package is valid for 7 days.

Weekly SMS Package2,000RS.17*345*117#7 DAYS
Sahulat Mini Offer20020020 100 MBRS.75 *170#7 DAYS
Haftawar Sahulat Package7001000
70100 MB
RS.120*5*7#7 DAYS
Telenor Mega Plus Weekly Easy Card
5000500010024 GBRS.260 *003#7 DAYS
Weekly Easy Card Mega2000
85 12 GB
Mega Plus Weekly Easy Card5,0005,000100
RS.260*003#7 DAYS
Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

This contains a bundle of packages with different incentives. Some included free off-net and off-net minutes along with free sms. Choose the package of your choice from the above-listed different packages.

Dial *003# now and activate to mega plus weekly easy card package and get 5000 sms and include free minutes and internet data. Another very good package that contains 2000 sms and free minute and sms are included by dialing *001#, now activate this offer urgently and enjoy your time with Telenor. Another super duper offer which contains 5 thousand SMS for 7 days, is also available in Telenor weekly sms packages. Dial *003# and activate this package and enjoy your day.

Telenor SMS Packages Monthly

Students often send sms to their colleagues about their assignments and attendance issues. This is students oriented offer. Activate this offer now and save your balance from unwanted wastage. This package is valid for 30 days. 

Telenor Monthly SMS Bundle100001GBRS.60 *345*363#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus10000
6 GBRS.80*660#30 DAYS
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package3000300300 MBRS. 418*345*30#
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 5505000750703 GBRS.478*350#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 700300030002508 GBRS.565*530#30 DAYS
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 8505000500040012 GBRS.720*80#30 DAYS
Telenor Easy Card 100010000700060018 GBRS.900*248#
Telenor Monthly SMS packages

This package offer is very suitable and affordable for students. Choose from the above packages according to your choice and affordability. A monthly Telenor card contains 10 thousand SMS with off-net and on-net minutes. Dial *248#, activate the Telenor easy card 1000, and enjoy your day. Another affordable and budget-friendly monthly telenor sms offer contains 5 thousand sms, internet data, and free minutes. Activate now to it by dialing *80# and enjoy your day with Telenor. 

Terms and Condition 

All right reserved to Telenor company 

These codes can be changed at any time 

All prepaid customers can use this package 

This package is not valid for postpaid customers 

Activation of any package is valid for the active sim. An inactive sim doesn’t use these sms package codes. 

All standard charges apply on activating monthly, weekly, and daily sms packages. 

Weekly sms package valid for 7 days

Monthly sms package work for 30 days 

Daily sms package work for 1 day 

Sms included in the packages is free to all network


What is the best Telenor package for students?

Depending on the user and budget, almost all Telenor SMS packages are best for students. The best one among them is the weekly SMS package.

What is a Telenor SMS package for 3 days?

Telenor also provides a 3-day package to its customers on a meager budget 

What is the Telenor SMS package monthly code 2023/2024?

Telenor provides a different option to its customers to subscribe to any Telenor SMS package monthly code of 2024 and enjoy sending SMS to friends and family. 

What is sms package Telenor?

It’s the package we can use to send free SMS to all networks around the clock for free.


We explain Telenor’s daily, monthly, and weekly sms packages in detail and explain the query people are asking about this package. I hope you found this information helpful; in case of any shortcomings, let us know through comments.

Thanks. I wish you all the best.

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