UFONE call packages

UFONE CALL PACKAGE 2024 / Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Ufone is among the largest cellular network operating in Pakistan. The Ufone helps customers day and night with better services and quick delivery of signals. With millions of users, Ufone is still growing daily, introducing new UFONE calls Packages, sms, and data packages and making it easy for customers to continue with Ufone without difficulty.

People often talk to their friends and family, and they need a lot of free minutes to talk unstoppably. Ufone finds its solution in the form of different cal packages, which make you worry-free about everything once you activate them. There is no need to recharge again and again.

Ufone call packages

Ufone started its services in Pakistan in 2001; since the start, ufone has emerged as one of the most popular cellular telecommunication and has a place in people’s hearts. Ufone launched multiple call packages daily, weekly, and monthly, making it easy for customers to choose according to their needs. Ufone call packages are used by most people these days because it is cost-effective and more incentive. Read the detailed article to learn about Ufone’s daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages.

Ufone call package daily, weekly,15 days and monthly 

People choose according to their budget and needs. The package which is considered perfect and meets your requirement is the one which suits your daily routine, like how many call you make daily, weekly, and monthly. All these packages have on-net and off-net minutes which you can use to ufone to ufone and ufone to other networks without worrying about balance. Other than minutes, these packages include other incentives like sms and data.

Ufone call package daily

If you need to talk for a long time today, only then choose from the above list and enjoy your day with the Ufone call package weekly. Ufone Daily Pakistan’s offer is wonderful and contains 100 minutes, enough for a long call. Dial * 888#, activate it now, and enjoy your day with ufone.
Ufone’s best day offer is a wonderful package containing 500 minutes and 50 MB of data. Dial *6060# and activate this offer and enjoy your day.

Prominent Features of the UFONE Daily Call Packages

Ufone Beyhisaab OfferUnlimited15.5*5700#1 DAY
Ufone Best Day Offer500500RS.16*6060#1 DAY
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer10010 MBs RS.21*888#1 DAY
UFONE daily call packages

Ufone call packages weekly

The Ufone power card is among the most affordable and best Ufone weekly call packages. This page contains internet data and SMS too. Dial 1231* and enter card number#; you will get data that will be used for the next 7 days. Another very, super exciting offer by Ufone is Ufone super minutes. Dial *210#, activate this offer for just 17 rupees, and get a call minutes for one week. Ufone asli chappar phaar offer is another best offer from you to its customers. Dial *5050#, activate this offer now, get 1GB of internet data and 100 minutes, and enjoy your day with Ufone.

Prominent Features of the UFONE Weekly Call Packages

Ufone Nayi SIM Offer10004 GBRS.0*1000# 7 DAYS
Ufone Talk-Time Offer
RS.52.17 *6789#7 DAYS
Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer700100 MBsRS.115 *8888#7 DAYS
Ufone Best Weekly Offer10002 GBRS.130*7070#7 DAYS
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer1001001 GBRS.1405050#7 DAYS
Ufone Super Minutes170RS.170 *210#7 DAYS
Ufone Upower Card 250080 5000 MBs RS.250*123*1*CARD NUMBER#7 DAYS
UFONE weekly call packages

Ufone call packages monthly

Ufone monthly call packages are a very good offer by the Ufone company. Once you activate this offer, you don’t need to stress for the next 30 days and use unlimited minutes with Ufone. Ufone family offer is among these offers and a very super exciting offer containing free minutes and internet data. Dial *5555# and activate this offer now. Another super wonderful offer by Ufone is the Ufone super card gold offer. Dial *900# and activate to Ufone super card gold offer and enjoy your day with Ufone. Ufone super card plus is another very good offer dial *629# and activate this offer and enjoy it for a whole month.

Prominent Features of the UFONE Monthly Call Packages

Ufone Sim Lagao Offer600060006 GBRS.0*5000# 30 DAYS
Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer4000400 MBsRS.460 *8888#30 DAYS
Ufone Super Card Plus200022542003 GBRS.720*250# 30 DAYS
Ufone Super Card MaxUnlimited350450014 GBRS.749 *629#30 DAYS
Ufone Super Card Gold
600Unlimited24 GBRS,1099*900#30 DAYS
Ufone UFamily80010000 for PTCL 30 GBRS,1999*5555#30 DAYS
UFONE monthly call packages

Term and condition

All rights reserved to Ufone

Ufone can change the code at any time

Ufone daily call package incentive is available for one day

Ufone weekly call package incentive is available for 7 days

The Ufone monthly call package is valid for 30 days

Other than minute call packages, also include other incentives like data and sms

Depending upon the nature of the package, almost all package has on-net and off-net minute. 

Ufone active sim users can use all call packages, and inactive sim cannot use these packages’ codes.

All these codes are the same for all Ufone customers, irrespective of location and smartphone.


What is meant by the Ufone call package off-net minute?

Call packages included both on-net and off-net minutes. Off-net mean free minute included in the package used for the call to other networks. 

What is meant by the Ufone call package all network?

It means that the Ufone call packages incentive is valid for all networks. 

What is meant by the Ufone call package in 100rs?

Ufone has multiple packages with different incentives, which can be activated for just rs 100

What is meant by the Ufone call package for 3 days?

Ufone also offers a call package for 3 days. 

What is meant by Ufone call package check code?

All code you can use to activate the Ufone call package is called the Ufone call package check code.


We discuss the overall review of Ufone call packages and their activation code. You will find all the related information in this article, and we explain all query people generally ask about the Ufone call package. 

I hope you find this article helpful and informative. If you need clarification or a shortcoming, kindly let us know through comments.

Thanks, I wish you all the best. 

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