ZONG balance share code

Zong balance share code 2024:How to Transfer Zong balance

People often share balance with their friends and family when they have enough credit and want to help their loved ones by sharing balance with them. Zong brought the easiest way of sharing balance with loved ones. Pick your mobile now, dial *828#, type the recipient’s mobile number, enter the desired amount you want to send, and press 1 to confirm the transaction.

Don’t worry about the Zong balance share code; read the complete article and understand every aspect of balance share. At any point in life, we all need help with balance; most of the time, we forget to recharge on time and suddenly need it urgently for an urgent call.   

In this article, We explain all the possible queries and questions related to zong services.

What is the Zong balance share code?

Pick up your mobile, type *828#, enter the recipient’s phone number, enter the amount you want to share, and press 1 to confirm the transfer. Now don’t worry if you are short of balance and in urgent need of balance. 

Validity of balance share

RS 10 TO 50 5 days or existing, whichever is higher.

RS 51 TO 99 30 days or existing, whichever is higher.

RS 100 TO 199 60 days or the existing, whichever is higher.

Zong balance share code to jazz

You cannot share balance to jazz sim from zong sim

Minimum and maximum balance share through zong balance share krna ka treeqa

The minimum and maximum amount share range between RS10 to RS 200

Zong yari load balance share

Zong makes it more convenient by introducing the Zong Yari load services. Dial *828# now and share the balance with your yari as soon as possible there is no charge for this service. Once the balance is successfully transferred, the amount of the charge is deducted, and the charges are applied successfully.

What is Zong balance share code to jazz?

The above code only works when you share balance from zong to zong. 

What is the code to share Zong balance with a Telenor number?

This code does not apply to balance shares from Zong to Telenor.

Zong balance share code 2022

Dial *828# now, enter the recipient number and the desired balance amount you want to transfer and press 1 to confirm the transfer.

Zong balance share code 2024

The Zong balance share code for 2024 is the same as 2022. Type *828#, enter the recipient number, and balance confirm the transaction by replying to the message by 1

Zong balance share code with other networks

Zong prepaid and postpaid customers cant share balances to other networks other than Zong 

Zong balance share to Easypaisa

This service is valid for zong to zong only; you can share the balance into easy paisa. 

Zong balance share service 

Type *828# to enter the recipient number and balance, and type 1 to confirm the balance share 

Zong balance share to jazz sim

You can share balance from zong to jazz sim 

Method of requesting balance from others like friends and family 

Zong offers their customers a wonderful service of asking for balance in an emergency from their friends and family at any time. The important point is your friend and you both should have a Zong pre-paid sim. Follow the procedure for asking for balance from a friend 

Type *829# from your mobile, enter the number from whom you request the balance, and enter the required amount.

This service is free of cost and charges no balance. 


All taxes apply to this service. RS 2 + taxes on every successful transfer

Charges and codes can be changed anytime, and all rights are reserved for Zong company.

You can share the scratch card recharge, mini load e-pin, and e-top-up and already share the balance. 

 You cannot share the loan amount, handset balance, promotion amount, or redeemed and reimbursed balance.  

You must have remained with 5 rupees in your account after sharing the balance with others; for example, if you have 22 rupees and you want to share 20 rupees, you will not make it; in 22 rupees, you can share a maximum of 17 rupees with 5 rupees remaining after a transaction.

Customers can be made 5 transactions per day. You can do further transactions once you made 5 already.

This service is not available for dealers and franchise employers. 

Only the prepaid customers can use this code. The sender and receiver should be prepaid customers. Postpaid connection holders can use this service.  

There is no prior subscription needed to use this Zong balance share code. 

This code only works to share balance from zong to zong 

The code is the same for all customers irrespective of location except the people living in FATA and PATA can use this code 

All share code and procedure is subject to Zong company policy and condition 


How to share balance from zong to zong?

 Can every Zong sim user share the balance?

Balance transfer and balance request code?

Dial *828* for balance transfer and dial *829# for balance request


In this article, we share all the recent detail on the Zong balance share code. Still, if something is short or missing, kindly comment, and we will rectify it. For the most interesting article, could you stay connected with our page?

Thank you for reading our detailed article wish you all the best.  

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